FAQ’s and How To


What information is needed to get an accurate reproduction of my fish?

Answer: A great fish reproduction always starts with a good picture! I will be painting your reproduction to the picture you provide, so try to get a clear, close picture of the fish with minimal glare if possible. Also, ideally you would be able to provide length and girth measurements of the fish. I recommend carrying the 99 cent retractable sewing tapes available at Walmart. However if you were unable to get the measurements, I can get extremely close with just the picture.

I would like to have a skin mount done, how should I store the fish until I can get it to you?

Answer: Start by wrapping the fish in a damp, white towel, then wrap in at least 2 plastic bags and freeze as flat as possible and as quickly as possible!


Do you offer shipping for mounts?

Answer: Yes! I am happy to provide shipping service at cost.


What is your estimated turnaround time?

Answer: Typically 3-6 months can be expected. This may seem vague, but quality takes time and, you will not be disappointed!